09 9 / 2012

There we go . u. Four out of four magical girl gifs. Now the REAL editing begins.

Tomorrow. Or monday. That is when these shall begin to turn into Faradeathcry . u. 

[I did cut out part of the first one, because I already had that bit in a second gif] 

08 9 / 2012

okay so I know with all the crud going down this might be a little silly
but here are two out of [eventually] four magical girl transformation templates . u. I will soon be editing these for my tumblvengers suit up sequence, but I figured I would post the WIP [with original gif for reference] so if anyone else wanted to use them, they could . u.

[by the way, I may or may not have deleted a few frames here and there… Thus why I added the original gifs . _. my bad]